Birthday Promotion

Potting Mix

30dm³ R 29

When growing plants in containers make sure to use a good quality potting medium. Culterra’s potting mix has added water retentive raw materials that will ensure water retention and healthy growth.


4 pack R 69

Argyranthemums require a site in full sun with well-drained soil. Although not ‘thirsty’ plants, they do require regular watering during dry spells particularly in hot climates. To promote and extend the proliferation of these cheerful Daisy like flowers, remember to deadhead the spent blooms regularly. New flower formation is enhanced by Potassium, a plant nutrient which is readily found in all fertilisers and foliar feeds.


30 pack R99

Marigolds, are very cheerful showy plants especially when mass planted. They are said to repel insects and are especially effective planted around your vegetable garden. Plant them in full sun and do not over water.

Inca Lillies

R 89 each

Alsroemerias or Inca lilies will add colour and an exotic touch to your garden. They flower best in full sun but need some protection from the hot afternoon sun so an east-facing position is best, it is also advisable to keep them well mulched.


3 for R 89

Freylina is an indigenous, fast growing shrub with light mauve flowers. It grows to a height of approximately 2m but can be pruned into hedges or screening plants. Plant Freylina in sun or semi shade areas.

Bamboo Palm

R 149 each

Potted bamboo palms bring colour and warmth to any room in the house. They need bright indirect light in order to thrive. Water the plant until the soil is evenly moist. Don’t over water the palm or leave it sitting in water. Check often to be sure that the plant is draining properly.


6 for R 199

Choose from a selection of water wise succulents.


R49 per bag

Pebbles not only add a great decorative element to your garden but they also help keeping moisture in the soil. Create focal points in the garden with our selection of pebbles.

Selected Herbs

3 for R69

Choose from a selection of sage, parsley, mint and sweet basil.

National Promotion

Nelson Mandela Rose

R 99 each

A flaming, fiery orange rose named in honour of Nelson Mandela.This Floribunda rose grows up to 2m tall and is disease resistant. It has semi double blooms that are suitable a cut flowers.

Ludwig’s Vigorosa

4.5kg for R 249

Ludwig’s Vigorosa 5:1:5 is a multipurpose fertiliser that can be used on roses, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, lawn and pot plants. Apply the fertiliser to moist or wet soil and water well afterwards.

BioGanic Lawns

10 kg for R 159

BioGanic Lawns is a 100% organic non chemical fertiliser for lawns that will not burn. Crumble form pellets for slow consistent release of nutrients and to aid absorption. 10 kg covers 200m².


100ml for R 119

Hormoban is a water soluble herbicide that is used for the control of broadleaf weeds in lawn.


14cm for R 39 and 17cm for R 59

Ivy geraniums or trailing geraniums (pelargonium peltatum) have trailing stems with firm waxy leaves. The key to happy geraniums is well drained soil, plenty of sunshine and not too much water. Feed regularly with Pokon Geranium plant food. Once plants have finished flowering prune them back.


5 for R 90

Begonias like partial or light shade. Watering correctly is important in the care of begonias, soil should remain moist, but not too wet. They will grow to a height of 15 -25 cm and will flower throughout summer.

Pink or White Gypsy

2 for R 59

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) has clouds of white or pink flowers throughout summer. They can be used as a filler in flower arrangements.

Plectranthus Mona Lavender

R 49 each

Mona Lavender is a quick-growing perennial shrub reaching up to 0.75 m in height. It forms a lovely, rounded, dense bush with dark green leaves and sprays of lavender flowers. Mona Lavender does well in either shaded or partly sunny positions.

Limonium Sea Lavender

R 39 each

Sea Lavender has heads of lavender blue paper like flowers which make great cut or dried flowers. Sea Lavender is a perfect choice for chalky or sandy soil areas that are always a problem to fill. Plant them in full sun, spacing should be approximately 45cm apart.

Salvia Mysty True Blue

R 49 each

Salvia Mysty is a new release. It has a more compact growth which makes it perfect for containers. Salvia Mysty creates a mass of blue flowers, deadheading them will ensure more flowering throughout the season.


2 for R 169

Choose from a variety including Agapanthus ‘Always Blue’, Agapanthus ‘Amethyst’ and Agapanthus ‘Snow Storm’, all of which have an extended flowering period. Agapanthus are very rewarding plants, plant them in a sunny spot and water regularly especially in flowering season.


2 For R 89

Coleus or ‘Painted Nettle’ have vibrantly coloured leaves in a range of bright eye catching shades. They are ideal for planting in containers on the patio or adding unusual colours to flower beds.

Garden Bench

R 2399 each

Sturdy two seater, wood and metal combo bench. Stylish and durable.

Garden Gun

500ml for R 59

Efekto Garden Gun is a ready to use insecticide in a spray bottle. The Garden Gun is the ultimate weapon to rid your garden of a multitude of pests. Good for indoor and outdoor use.

Scatterkill for Snails

200g for R 49

Scatterkill for Snails is safe to use around animals as it contains a pet repellent. It is pelleted for easy use and contains real bran as an attractant.

Garden Gloves

R 29 each

Protect your hands this summer with Culterra Garden Gloves. Available in a variety of colours. Sizes small, medium and large.

In House Promotions

Wonder 7:1:3 Lawn and Leaf

10 kg for R 119

Spring is here and now is the time to fertilise your lawn. Wonder Lawn and Leaf contains slow release nitrogen which promotes vigorous and healthy green growth.


R 80 each

Petunias provide a spectacular display in hanging baskets, pots or even mass planted in your garden. We have both the Night Sky, with white speckled purple flowers and its sister the Baby Doll, with its hot pink twist available now at White River Garden Pavilion.

They require full sun and will flower through out the summer if dead headed regularly.


4 for R 110

Culterra compost is made from organic material. Compost contains nutrients that your plants need for optimum growth, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Spread the compost in a thick layer on top of exposed soil. Worms and other creatures will help the compost mingle with the soil.

3 For R 99

Our seedlings are ready to plant. Mix and match colour and edibles.