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R 80 each

Petunias provide a spectacular display in hanging baskets, pots or even mass planted in your garden. We have both the Night Sky, with white speckled purple flowers and its sister the Baby Doll. with its hot pink twist available now at White River Garden Pavilion.

They require full sun and will flower through out the summer if dead headed regularly.

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Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

R 89 Each

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (Brunfelsia Pauciflora) also known as Kiss Me Quick is a shrub that grows up to 2.4 meters tall by 1.5 wide. They prefer a lightly shaded area although they will tolerate full sun. They are indispensable in shaded gardens, and provide a special fragrant feast.

Flowering Laurel

R 119 each

Vibernum Tinus or Flowering Laurel is a very attractive medium to large shrub which can also used as a hedging plant. Viburnum is really easy to grow, it likes sun but will do well in partial shade.

Jade Plant Mixed Colours

3 For R 119

If you’re looking for low-maintenance, water-smart plants, succulents are the way to go and these indigenous Crassulas are just what your garden needs. We have a variety to choose from so why not mix ‘n match.

Olive Mission

R 119 each

The Mission Olive is the most popular in South Africa at the moment and is widely adaptable. They require a well-drained soil and a sunny position. It also has an ornamental value, with its gnarled grey-barked and graceful silvery-leaved branches.

Assorted Rosemary

R 59 each

Rosemary is one of the ‘must haves’ in your herb and vegetable garden. Plant Rosemary in full sun in a well drained soil as it does not like wet feet. Be sure to give your plants enough room to grow, Rosemary can spread about 1 metre wide.

Multifeed Classic

500g For R 99

Multifeed Classic is a completely water soluble fertiliser which is readily taken up by the plant. It is ideally suited for optimum root development and can be used on seedlings, flower beds and for shrubs, pot plants and vegetables.

Acid Loving Plant Food

500g For 69.00

Starke Ayres Acid Plant food is ideal for use on all acid loving plants such as Azaleas, Hydrangeas, Camellias, Blueberries and Gardenias.

Gardena Classic Cleaning Nozzle

R 119 each

Gardena Adjustable Spray Cleaning Gun Nozzle

R 129 each

These Gardena sprayers are ideal for cleaning of intensive stains with a hard jet spray or even watering with a fine mist.The nozzle cannot be removed and therefore cannot be lost. They are very easy to use
thanks to the convenient trigger button with a lock.

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Each spring, azaleas light up our gardens with a abundance of colourful blooms. Azaleas require a well drained slightly acidic soil, so it is a good idea to plant them with acid compost. They are shallow rooted so tend to dry out if not mulched.


Buy 2 get 1 Free

If you have an abundance of blooms, pick a few for the vase. They last quite well, especially if you add Chrysal cut-flower food to the water.


3 For R 90

Our seedlings are ready to plant.


4 For R 110 

Culterra Compost is made from organic materials and is free from weeds. There are various ways to use compost. You can sprinkle compost on top or mix it into your flower and vegetable beds, gently rake compost into tree beds, blend it with potting soil to revitalise indoor plants, or spread it on top of the soil on your lawn.


3 for R 100

To find out why and how to mulch