Bee Involved

 What’s all this buzz about bees?


The symbiotic relationship between the bees and the flowers is very easy to understand.

Flowers make themselves attractive for their “date” with the bees. They dress up in pretty colours. Some even change colours in different stages of their development so that they can attract the bees when they need them most. Then they add a touch of scent to lure the bees in from a distance.

As a reward for for all their attention the flower provides the bee with pollen and nectar essential for bee survival. The bee will then mix together the pollen and nectar to form beebread. This beebread is feed to the immature bees.

So no flowers no bees.

What does the flower get out of the relationship, after all the effort it has made to look and smell good and all the rewards it has freely handed out to the bees. As the bees fly from flower to flower some of the pollen from the bees bodies falls off onto the flower. This is called cross-pollination and this is what helps the flower to reproduce.

So no bees – no flowers.

planting-for-beesWhen next visiting the nursery be sure to look out for our ‘Planting for bees’ markers which are placed with the plants that attract bees.







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